Kid's Corner

Let’s Play in the Dirt! We are devoted to supporting gardening opportunities that connect kids and their families with positive, fun and educational experiences. Come discover cute vegetable characters from the Chef Jeff™ Collection, such as the “Cherry Gang” and “Wally the Watermelon”. Discover the magical world of fairies, glitter, dinosaurs and dragons by learning how to create a whimsical miniature world giving your child a space of their own. We invite the kids to take pictures of their gardens and bring them in so we can celebrate their masterpiece by showcasing them on our “WE ARE PROUD OF YOU” board. For kids under the age of 7, there’s fun activities, printable coloring pages and a printable growing up gardening booklet. We hope to offer kid’s workshops here at the greenhouse in the near future. So be on the lookout!

Chef Jeff™ Kid’s: Gardening is Fun! Growing and eating healthy is just better with your veggie and fruity friends like “Beansy” the bean that you grow yourself and share with others. Kids will have a sense of pride and accomplishment while digging for their edible treasures.

Fairy & Dinosaur Gardens: All you need is a little creativity and your imagination to create your own miniature landscape. With so many different tiny plants to choose from-it’s hard to decide, but that’s the fun part. Go beyond the winged fairies and think dinosaurs or even dragons. All you have to do is believe you can do it!

Silverstone’s “My Growing Up Gardening” Booklet: Put your name on it and call it your own. Enjoy the fun activities, learn how to identify the parts of a plant and learn which flowers are easy to grow. When your child finishes his or her booklet, bring it into the Silverstone Gardens greenhouse and show it to one of our friendly retail associates and receive a “Young Gardener of Excellence” certificate.

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