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Silverstone Gardens

Bedding Plant Flowering Celosia

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 Celosia makes a very showy, unusual display in borders and as edging plants. While the brilliant reds are by far the most popular color, Celosia, or Cockscomb, also come in yellow, orange, crimson, rose.

Celosia are wonderful for bouquets, fresh or dried. To dry these flowers, hang them upside down in a cool dark, and dry place, for about two months.

Grow annual Celosia in full sun in nutrient-rich, well-drained soils after danger of frost has passed. Celosia are not frost tolerant and hardy only in USDA zones 10 through 12. Propagate Celosia by direct seeding after soil has warmed or start seeds indoors. Water Celosia well during dry periods, but don't keep the soil wet. Pinching back the first plume encourages branching and bushiness. Celosia benefits from periodic application of all purpose fertilizer.

Sold as a Flat – 12 packs of 4 plants per pack (48) plants in a flat