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Bedding Plant Flowering Marigold

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These are very independent plants because once they are planted, they take off! Marigolds grow in no time. Marigolds are perfect pollinator plants to plant with your vegetables. Marigolds require little care. The flowers are drought-tolerant but may need water in hot weather if they are not blooming. You can pinch off spent flowers to encourage and prolong blooms. 

Marigolds need an area with full sun, but in areas where summers get very hot, they prefer some afternoon shade. Too much shade can delay flowering, however, so provide light shade only when needed. Marigolds make good bedding and edging plants. They are also well-suited for growing in containers for patios, porches and balconies. Good complementary plants for flower beds include Salvia, Zinnia, and Nasturtium.

  • Dwarf marigolds commonly reach 6 to 8 inches tall, with a few varieties growing to 12 inches tall. 
  • Medium marigolds commonly reach 10 to 14 inches tall
  • Large marigolds 
  • 15 inches to 24 inches tall
  • Large Cracker Jacks commonly reach up to 3 feet tall
Sold as a Flat – 12 packs of 4 plants per pack (48) plants in a flat