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Silverstone Gardens

4.5" Annual Nature's Finest™ - Bacopa

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 Nature's Finest™ Annual - Bacopa Scopia Gulliver produces angelic blossoms amidst the bright green fern-like foliage that trails beautifully over beds, pots, and planters. Bacopa is exceptionally lovely in hanging baskets!


 Plant Type: 
 Garden Height: 
 4 - 6 Inches 
 12 - 16 Inches
 12 - 16 Inches
 Flower Colors: 
 Flower Shade: 
 Foliage Colors: 
 Foliage Shade: 
 Container Role: 


 Light Requirement: 
 Full Sun to Part Sun
 Maintenance Category: 
 Bloom Time: 
 Water Category: 
 Moist; but well drained 
 Border Plant
 Hanging Baskets

 Maintenance Notes: 
 Prefers full sun but will handle a little shade just fine too. Soil should be moist but well drained. These are exceptionally lovely in containers, hanging baskets or as a trailing edge with other plants blended with it.