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Proven Winners® - Perennials Ornamental Grasses

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Proven Winners® Perennials - Ornamental Grasses  easy ornamental grasses to grow in full sun. Does well in any soil from sand to clay. Cut back in spring before new growth appears.

 Foliage Interest
 Fall Interest
 Winter Interest
 Drought Tolerant
 Salt Tolerant
 Erosion Control


Prairie Winds® Apache Rose is a sturdy, durable ornamental grass that withstands adverse weather conditions. Grey-green leaves form a strictly upright, dense clump. Rose-colored flower panicles and leaf tips in fall.

  • Height 48"   Spread 30"
  • SUN

Prairie Winds® Cheyenne Sky forms a dense, upright clump of blue-green leaves that turn wine red in early summer. Purple flower panicles appear just above the foliage in late summer. This petite red grass is ideal for containers.

  • Height 36"   Spread 18"
  • SUN

Perennials are the flower garden’s backbone. Fuss-free plants that flourish for years. What makes Proven Winners® perennials different is that they are programmed to flourish year after year.  They are born and bred to be innovators with extended bloom, expanded regions of performance, new colors and forms. What’s the big difference between an annual and a perennial?  Annuals die when it gets too cold out.  Perennials appear to die when the temperatures drops, but they’re actually hibernating.  Beneath that dead-looking clump of stems, leaves and blooms are hardy roots that will produce a new plant come spring. 

Sold as 1 Gallon pots. Three pots per flat (3) in a flat

 They are easy-care, dependable performers that provide years of beautiful color, texture and form. They also are:

  • Uncommonly colorful thanks to foliage and/or flowers
  • Trialed and tested for proven performance
  • Grow bigger and better with each passing year

Keep in mind that all plants – perennials and annuals -- are programmed by Mother Nature to survive.  All they need is the right amount of sunlight, food, water, and an occasional haircut.  Please refer to their individual plant tags for care instructions.


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